"I usually talk to fans through Twitter. I tweet, ‘I’m going somewhere now and if you find me, I’ll buy you drinks.’ I really buy drinks for fans who find me."

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  • Beast's Maknae: Look at my abs people.
  • BigBang's Maknae: Look at my abs.
  • Super Junior's First Maknae: I got the mooooves like jagger~ /flashes sexy abs.
  • Super Junior's Official Maknae: I can play the harmonica.
  • B.A.P's Maknae: I'm in a relationship with cherry tomatoes.
  • INFINITE's maknae: ... Bitch Please ~
  • U-Kiss' Maknae: I'm a mascot
  • MBLAQ 's Maknae : Waffurrrr , high school middle school engrishhhh
  • SHINee's Maknae: /can't cut apples properly.
  • TVXQ's Maknae: Obsessed with food.
  • 2AM's Maknae : I'm the giant 91 lines magnae, ROCKER MAGNAE.
  • 2PM's Maknae : Banana~ banana~ Bonjour~ *bite everyone*
  • BTS' Maknae : I can sing, dance, rap, and exercise. I draw well too, and my face is alright. I'm the Golden Maknae.

MBLAQ for Singles Magazine


[Trans] Another part of MBLAQ Interview for ‘Singles’ Magazine 

In the year 2014, where do you place your focus on? 

Joon: Failure 
Mir: Failure is the mother of success
Joon: Of course it isn’t 
G.O: It is the father of success 
Mir: It is the grandmother of success 
G.O: It is the distant brother of success 
Joon: Just be quiet all of you…. 

Trans @Mr__KL 
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